Low-fat foods are not the best choice for followers of healthy lifestyle

Today it is fashionable to lead a healthy lifestyle or to go on a diet. To stay in good shape and not get fat, we buy low-fat kefir, milk, fermented baked milk. But our weight stands still, well-being worsens, and the mood is at zero - the use of such products does not benefit, often even harms. In order not to ruin the body, give up this food once and for all.Let's plunge into the history of zero-fat products appeared in the USA in the middle of the last century. Then American cardiologists announced the negative impact of excess saturated fat on the heart and blood vessels. Marketers immediately took advantage of this - numerous yogurts and curds marked "Light" were distributed in stores to the delight of losing weight.Now nutritionists do not advise to eat low-fat dairy products. This threatens a set of unwanted kilograms and metabolic disorders.Where does milk fat go?The technology that allows you to completely get rid of fat in milk has not yet been invented. However, manufacturers write "0%" in large letters on the packaging. Don't believe it, it's a publicity stunt. If you look closely at the package of ryazhenka, you will see the true fat content in the product - there is at least 1%.Fat-free calcium and vitamin D, which are not contained in dairy products, are not absorbed without fat. What a pity, right? Therefore, do not deprive yourself of benefits - buy ryazhenka, kefir and yogurt with a fat content of at least 2.5%. Believe me, you will not get much better from this, but you will become healthy, radiant and strong. Just know the measure.Sugar, more than enough!Cottage cheese made from skimmed milk is devoid of taste and consistency. To give the product a marketable appearance, manufacturers fill it with simple carbohydrates. And we know that sucrose, fructose and glucose are the main culprits of skin aging, the development of age-related diseases and the growth of fat layers. 100 grams of light yogurt contains 3 teaspoons of pure sugar.Remember that berry and fruit curds "Light" have a lot of dyes, preservatives and flavor enhancers. Sometimes strawberries, raspberries or peaches are put in the mass, but rarely. Basically, there is one "chemistry". 1 cup of such a treat a week will not hurt your health. But the daily absorption of yogurt with unhealthy additives leads to sad consequences - the body disposes of toxic substances into fat cells. This increases the volume of the waist and buttocks.What are the harms of sweeteners?By themselves, sweeteners are less caloric than refined sugar. But we eat foods containing sorbitol or stevia without stopping. Why is this happening?It's just that sugar substitutes deceive our endocrine system. After eating sweets, the body produces the hormone of joy - dopamine. When glucose enters the bloodstream, leptin, the hormone responsible for saturation, is synthesized. Then we get full.Feasting on cottage cheese with sugar substitutes, it is difficult to get enough. As a result, we eat a lot, but we don't get pleasure. And this does not help weight loss.Keep an eye on the nutrition. Stay slim, healthy and attractive! Unsere https://www.oesterreichcasino.com/ Redakteure haben für Spieler in Österreich unzählige Online Casino Anbieter eingehend geprüft. Dadurch ist unsere Top Liste der besten österreichischen Online Spielhallen entstanden. Wir empfehlen nur Casinos mit einer überdurchschnittlichen Bewertung.